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Frequently Asked Questions

ball How can I print your recipes?

There are two ways to print them. The first one is to cut and paste into another program and print them from there. Should you want to print them from Netscape, all you need to do is activate the frame of the window where the recipes are. To do so just click on the recipe window then select print.

ball How much do the recipes yield?

About one quart.

ball I'd like to make sugar free/low fat ice cream can you help?

I have no recipe of sugar free or low fat ice cream. There is no such thing as low fat ice cream. Let me explain, as the name ice cream indicates it contains CREAM which is high in fat. If it does not contain cream it is NOT ice cream. Sure there are low fat frozen treat it can be ice milk, sorbet, granita but it will NEVER be ice cream.

ball I lost the instruction book that came with my ice cream machine, can you help me?

Unless you have a Phillips ice cream machine I can not. I am not an expert on ice cream machine. Why don’t you try contacting the manufacturer of your ice cream machine I am sure they can send you a new instruction book.

ball I want to start an ice cream business, can you help?

No. I know nothing about starting an ice cream business nor do I have any advice to give on the subject.

ball What is heavy cream?

Heavy cream has a fat content of 35%. It is commonly use to make whipped cream.

ball What is light cream ?

Light cream is a cream with a fat content of 15 % it is also sold under the name table cream.

ball What is the difference between sorbet and granita?

Sorbet and granita are pretty similar in terms of ingredients. The difference lies in how it is stir. Granita is frozen directly in the freezer and hardly stirred. So it produce larger ice crystals. On the other hand the sorbet is made in a ice cream maker and stir a lot so the ice crystals are smaller hence the smoother texture.

ball Can I make granita without a ice cream machine?

Yes it can be made following these instructions. Place the granita or sorbet in a shallow bowl in the freezer. Scrape the mixture with a fork three or four times as it freezes to break it into icy crystals. Scrape it again just before serving to loosen the crystals.

ball Can I make ice cream without a ice cream machine?

If you do not have a ice cream machine, place the ice cream in a shallow cake pan in the freezer. Scrape the mixture with a fork every hour or so for the first 3 hours. Let the mixture freeze for 6 hours. After 6 hours, break the ice cream into chunks and process in a food processor until smooth. Put it back into the pan and freeze again until ready to serve. Scrape it again just before serving to loosen the crystals.

ball To what temperature do I scald the milk and/or cream?

It should never be above 175° F. At a higher temperature the milk and/or cream will curdle.

ball At what temperature should I put the cooled custard in the ice cream machine?

The best and ideal temperature is between 27°F and 35°F. It will prevent the custard from freezing too fast and help reduce the formation of large ice crystals.

ball My ice cream has a sandy, granular texture what can I do?

This problem can be cause by a number of things. It happens when you have too much water or alcohol. Alcohol will lower the temperature at which the ice cream will freeze so don’t add too much of it.

Another cause for this problem is the lactose content. When it freezes lactose produce crystals so if you have too much of it will produce too much crystals. You need to reduce the amount of either milk or cream.

Finally the temperature at which the custard is before freezing plays a active role in the texture. If the mixture is too cold it will freeze faster and produce large ice crystals. To prevent it freeze the custard when it is at a temperature between 27° and 35°F.

ball My sorbet is lumpy what can I do?

Sorbet becomes lumpy when the fruit purée was not smooth before freezing. To prevent this, sieve the purée before adding it to the sugar and water syrup.

ball Isn't it dangerous to use raw eggs in a recipe?

If you feel raw eggs are unsafe, heat them with a minimum of 1/4 cup of milk or cream over low heat. At a temperature of 160°F the salmonella is killed instantly. However cooking at as lower temperature for a few minutes is just as effective. Cooking at as lower temperature for a few minutes is just as effective.

ball My ice cream machine requires ice and salt. How much salt should I use?

The ideal ratio is one part salt for 8 parts ice.

ball Can you convert the recipes in either metric or UK imperial for me??

No I can not. Why don'tyou try looking for a conversion scale. I am sure there are a few on the internet.

ball Can you email me the recipes?

No I do not have the time to email the recipes to everyone who request them. You can either print them or copy them to your HD.

ball I’ve email you why haven’t you answer me?

I receive a lot of email concerning this page. Sometimes it takes me a few days to answer. If you do not get a answer it may be because you did not ask in a polite manner. I do this page for fun and will stop when it is not fun anymore. Getting email from people I do not know asking me for favours but not asking nicely is neither fun nor nice so I choose not to answer. It can also be that you did not put the correct email adress.

ball What kind of ice cream machine should I buy?

I have no idea what you should buy. Go in a store and check the different makes and models. Then decide what best suits your needs.